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Well defined, logical and pragmatic investment strategy is what drives Ventus team to the success. Ventus invests in the earliest-stage high-tech opportunities. We want to be involved during the strategy development stage, prior to team and company formation. We will invest in opportunities that solve difficult customer problems through utilization of advanced technologies with broad application potential in growing markets. Even though we place great emphasis on the technology driving the opportunity, our approach is to devote maximum effort to team development, and always in the market context.

Following diagram shows Ventus’ preferred funding stages:

As an early-stage investment fund, we understand the need for co-operation with broader financial industry to assure adequate availability of funds for our investee companies. Often, prior to making our investment, we will have arranged for the subsequent funding rounds. Our on-going partnerships include individual angel investors, venture capital partners, as well as brokerages.

Our underlying investment objective is to generate significant and continuous returns for our limited partners, by creating, managing and disposing of equity investments in early-stage, private companies in Canada.


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